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Company Overview

AdsVisual is a next-generation advertising network that focuses on every area of the industry. Potential partners of the AdsVisual network include:

  • Direct advertisers
  • Media agencies
  • Branding professionals
  • Small publishers and large corporate websites
  • Other advertising partnerships

AdsVisual is a part of Vidasco Media, founded in 2006 based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

AdsVisual for Advertisers

We help businesses and individuals in the advertising industry just like you work and expand their brand in ways you might not have thought possible. We combine advanced technology with a comprehensive service portfolio to make the most of your advertising dollar and get your marketing message in front of the right eyes. If you’re not satisfied with the path your campaign is taking or feel that your efforts should be earning more business, AdsVisual can help.

AdsVisual for Publishers

If you’re a publisher that enjoys at least moderate monthly traffic, AdsVisual can make the most of that activity with targeted banner placements that generate maximum revenue. We attract well-known advertisers with a broad message so you don’t have to worry about mismatched or inappropriate content. And because AdsVisual respects the integrity of every publisher’s site, we will offer you the right of refusal to make sure your inventory yields the best CPMs in a way you approve.

  • International Network
  • Brand-Name Advertisers
  • Competitive Rates
  • Yield Optimization
  • On-Time Payments

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