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Advertisers ~ FAQs


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Why advertise with AdsVisual?

We are able to deliver your advertising message to the right audience around the world. The staff of AdsVisual is focused on ensuring that your advertising budget is wisely invested. We provide algorithmic campaign optimization methods through innovative ad management platform allow online advertisers to effectively reach targeted audiences, increase overall sales, gain larger market share, and build brand awareness among potential customers.

How do I get started?

Click Here and fill out the Advertiser Request form. It's absolutely free with no obligations. Our sales representative will contact you shortly.

What advertising models does AdsVisual offer?

AdsVisual offers Run-of-Network (RON), Run-of-Channel (ROC), and Site Specific advertising models. Obviously, the cost of the campaign escalates when you move from RON to ROC. RON is the cheapest way to advertise, because the ads are running across the entire network. ROC is more expensive because the campaigns are running on sites within a specific channel only. Customized ad placements ("Site Specific" model) are also available on a client-by-client basis.

What ad units are available for traditional display and mobile advertising?

Click Here to find out more about available units and specs

What are the AdsVisual channels?

We classified our network's inventory by categories in order to ensure that appropriate ads are running on appropriate inventory. All publishers’ sites in our network are grouped into widely used 26 top-level content verticals. It allows online advertisers to effectively reach their target audience in a desired environment.

What pricing models are available?

The AdsVisual offers CPM, CPC, CPA and Hybrid (minimum fixed CPM + CPA) pricing models.

What targeting features are available?

  • Content Channels;
  • GEO-Targeting To Country, State, DMA, and ZIP;
  • Frequency and Click Capping;
  • Browser, Line Speed, and OS;
  • Post-Impression Tracking;
  • Day Parting;
  • Domain and Language;
  • Age, Gender;
  • Boolean Logic and Segment Targeting;
  • “Above the Fold” or “Below the Fold”;
  • Re-Targeting;
  • Mobile Handset, Carrier, and OS.

What is the minimum budget for Advertiser to start an ad campaign?

In our opinion and according to our experience, it is difficult to achieve positive results if your campaign has less than 3-5 million impressions in total. Therefore, we suggest you to start with minimum budget of $2000.

How can I monitor the performance of my campaign?

AdsVisual provides 24/7 access to highly customizable real-time statistics reports through easy-to-use interface. Statistics updates normally happen every 2-3 hours.

I'm an International, can I advertise?

We do accept international advertisers, as well as Non-English ads. However, the final decision depends on available inventory and current market supply. Please Contact Us for more information.

How do I update my account information?

Please contact the AdsVisual customer support through our Contact Us form and provide your updated information. We will update it for you during the next 48 hours.

Still have questions?

Please Contact Us, our sales representative will contact you shortly.

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